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laptop-notebook-battery >> HP Laptop Batteries >>HSTNN-DB20 battery
HSTNN-DB20 HSTNN-IB20 HSTNN-OB20 HSTNN-C16C 395789-001 395789-002 395789-003 396008-001 396008-001 403808-001 EF419A Replacement Batteries for HP Pavilion DV8000 DV8000T DV8000Z dv8002ea dv8005ea dv8010ea dv8013cl dv8013xx dv80xxus

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Battery Type: Li-ion
Capacity: 4400mAh
Volt: 14.4V
Original Price: US $: 98.75
Special Price: US $: 79.00
Availability: IN STOCK (Updated On June,2010)
New,1 Year Warranty!
HSTNN-DB20, Same Day Shipping
(item code: LHP041)
battery for HP HSTNN-DB20
30 days money back warranty!

  • Please ensure the laptop battery HSTNN-DB20 that you are going to buy fits the brand, model, volt and part number of your device, If our store show the original models/part number only . Please contact us info@laptop-notebook-battery.org to confirm the compatibility.
    thanks for your shopping.

  • HSTNN-DB20 Laptop Battery Description:
    Replace battery part number:
    395789-001 395789-002
    395789-003 396008-001
    396008-001 403808-001
    EF419A HSTNN-C16C
    This battery is also compatible with the following models :
    HP Pavilion DV8000, DV8100, DV8200, DV8300 Series

    HP Pavilion dv8000
    HP Pavilion dv8000t HP Pavilion dv8000z
    HP Pavilion dv8002ea HP Pavilion dv8005ea
    HP Pavilion dv8010ea HP Pavilion dv8013cl
    HP Pavilion dv8013xx HP Pavilion dv80xxus

    HP Pavilion dv8100 series
    HP Pavilion dv8102ea HP Pavilion dv8110us
    HP Pavilion dv8113cl HP Pavilion dv8113ea
    HP Pavilion dv8114ea HP Pavilion dv8116ea
    HP Pavilion dv8117ea HP Pavilion dv8120ca
    HP Pavilion dv8125nr HP Pavilion dv8100

    HP Pavilion dv8200 series
    HP Pavilion dv8201tx HP Pavilion dv8202tx
    HP Pavilion dv8203tx HP Pavilion dv8204tx
    HP Pavilion dv8205tx HP Pavilion dv8206tx
    HP Pavilion dv8207tx HP Pavilion dv8208ea
    HP Pavilion dv8208tx HP Pavilion dv8209tx
    HP Pavilion dv8210ca HP Pavilion dv8210ea
    HP Pavilion dv8210tx HP Pavilion dv8210us

    HP Pavilion dv8211ea HP Pavilion dv8211eu
    HP Pavilion dv8211tx HP Pavilion dv8212ea
    HP Pavilion dv8212tx HP Pavilion dv8213cl
    HP Pavilion dv8213ea HP Pavilion dv8213tx
    HP Pavilion dv8214ea HP Pavilion dv8214tx
    HP Pavilion dv8215ea HP Pavilion dv8215tx
    HP Pavilion dv8216tx HP Pavilion dv8217tx
    HP Pavilion dv8218ea HP Pavilion dv8218tx
    HP Pavilion dv8219ea HP Pavilion dv8220ca

    HP Pavilion dv8220ea HP Pavilion dv8220us
    HP Pavilion dv8221ea HP Pavilion dv8222ea
    HP Pavilion dv8223ea HP Pavilion dv8225ca
    HP Pavilion dv8225ea HP Pavilion dv8225nr
    HP Pavilion dv8226ea HP Pavilion dv8227ea
    HP Pavilion dv8228ea HP Pavilion dv8229ea
    HP Pavilion dv8230ca HP Pavilion dv8230ea

    HP Pavilion dv8230us HP Pavilion dv8231ea
    HP Pavilion dv8232ea HP Pavilion dv8233cl
    HP Pavilion dv8233ea HP Pavilion dv8235ea
    HP Pavilion dv8235nr HP Pavilion dv8240us
    HP Pavilion dv8251ea HP Pavilion dv8252eu
    HP Pavilion dv8253ea HP Pavilion dv8254ea
    HP Pavilion dv8256eu HP Pavilion dv8260ea

    HP Pavilion dv8261ea HP Pavilion dv8263ea
    HP Pavilion dv8275ea HP Pavilion dv8275la
    HP Pavilion dv8279ea HP Pavilion dv8280ea
    HP Pavilion dv8280us HP Pavilion dv8283ea
    HP Pavilion dv8284ea HP Pavilion dv8285ea
    HP Pavilion dv8286ea HP Pavilion dv8287ea
    HP Pavilion dv8288ea HP Pavilion dv8289ea

    HP Pavilion dv8289xx HP Pavilion dv8290ea
    HP Pavilion dv8291ea HP Pavilion dv8292ea
    HP Pavilion dv8293ea HP Pavilion dv8294ea
    HP Pavilion dv8295ea HP Pavilion dv8296ea
    HP Pavilion dv8297ea HP Pavilion dv8298ea
    HP Pavilion dv8298xx HP Pavilion dv8299xx

    HP Pavilion dv8300 series
    HP Pavilion dv8300tx HP Pavilion dv8301nr
    HP Pavilion dv8301tx HP Pavilion dv8302tx
    HP Pavilion dv8304tx HP Pavilion dv8305ca
    HP Pavilion dv8305tx HP Pavilion dv8305us
    HP Pavilion dv8306ea HP Pavilion dv8306tx
    HP Pavilion dv8307ea HP Pavilion dv8310us
    HP Pavilion dv8320us HP Pavilion dv8330us
    HP Pavilion dv8380us

    HSTNN-DB20 Product Detail:
    Product: Brand new HP HSTNN-DB20 rechargeable laptop battery.
    100% Quality Assurance of our replacement HSTNN-DB20 battery
    30 Days Money Back, 1 Year Free Replace HSTNN-DB20 battery
    Usually ships the same business day, you can get your HP HSTNN-DB20 battery quckily.

    Top ways to extend your HSTNN-DB20 laptop battery life:
    • Recharge the HP HSTNN-DB20 battery as the circle more than once per month to make the management of capacity reach its best status,and prolong HP HSTNN-DB20 battery useful life.
    • Remove the HP HSTNN-DB20 battery when don't use if for long time,or the currency will be lost and the cell will be damaged.
    • If the capacity is low in current,CPU will be in electricity-saving model and HP HSTNN-DB20 battery can not be charged.In this case,take off the HP HSTNN-DB20 battery and fit on to rouse the CPU.The battery can be charged then.
    • If the liquid contained within the battery pack leaks, use large amounts of water an immediately wash off any liquid which may accidentally contact any part of the body. Remove any liquid that has contacted your clothes by washing them immediately with a synthetic detergent.
    • Always keep the battery pack out of reach of infants or small children.

    NEW Batteries:
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