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My purchase experience with kindbridge was great. The lady I spoke to in customer support was extremely courteous and very helpful.
-- Michael D., Australia

Some of the best prices on certain products ! I got my products in time and cheap shipping prices. I would do the business again!!
-- Valerie S., USA

Exactly as described. Will do business again. Only 3 words. First class seller.Thanks!
-- barry brooks , Brazil

hi, I have received the battery and I am satiesfied with your drop ship service, congratulations.
-- Johan, singapore

¡°Hi, I've received my order and I'm so happy about the products. The Dell laptop replacement battery is TOP!!! Very good quality.¡±
-- Peter , Singapore

Hi ketty ,Customer service is a very important part of my companies overall mission statement. So, I also appreciate great customer service... thank you for doing a great job.¡±
-- Gary Erb , USA

"i received the product today. the first order went very fast and flawless. thanks for your services and kind replies.¡±
-- susan, Australia

The price is better. The product arrived in a timely manner as they said it would and performs as it is supposed to do. Excellent service.
-- brad, USA

First time doing business with kindbridge. Very pleased. Got exactly what I ordered in time for Christmas. Good prices and good quality.
-- brandchen, Australia

After the first perfect shipment ,I will be your happy customer!
-- Brenda Satkowiak , German

laptop-notebook-battery >> TOSHIBA
PA3534U-1BRS PA3534U-1BAS V000090420  Replacement Batteries for  Toshiba Satellite A200 A205 A210 A215 M200 M205

Click to enlarge
Battery Type: Li-ion
Dimension: 8.2" x 2.1" x 0.8"
Capacity: 6000mAh
Volt: 10.80v
Original Price: US $: 111.25
Special Price: US $: 89.00
Availability: IN STOCK (Updated On November,2009)
New,6 Month Warranty!
High Quality, fast shipping 3-5 days arrive.
(GSBCode: LTO056)
Replacement TOSHIBA PA3534U-1BRS
30 days money back warranty!
Replace battery part number:
PA3534U-1BRS PA3534U1BRS
PABAS099 V000090420
V000100820 V000100760
PA3534U-1BRS PA3533U-1BAS
PA3533U-1BRS PA3534U-1BAS
This battery is also compatible with the following models :
Toshiba Equium A210-17I,
Toshiba Satellite A202,
Toshiba Satellite A203,
Toshiba Satellite L203,
Toshiba Satellite L205,
Toshiba Satellite M216,
Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-EZ1004X,
Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-EZ1005X,
Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1001V,
Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D-EZ1002X

Toshiba Equium A200 series
Equium A200-15i, Equium A200-196, Equium A200-1AC

Toshiba Satellite A200 series
Satellite A200-12F, Satellite A200-12Q, Satellite A200-10N,
Satellite A200-110, Satellite A200-13E, Satellite A200-13L,
Satellite A200-13M, Satellite A200-13T, Satellite A200-13U,
Satellite A200-13V, Satellite A200-14S, Satellite A200-14S,
Satellite A200-14X, Satellite A200-17O, Satellite A200-17O,
Satellite A200-17X, Satellite A200-180, Satellite A200-182,
Satellite A200-18M, Satellite A200-18T, Satellite A200-18W,
Satellite A200-191, Satellite A200-193, Satellite A200-195,
Satellite A200-19C, Satellite A200-19I, Satellite A200-19K,
Satellite A200-19M, Satellite A200-1A9, Satellite A200-1AA,
Satellite A200-1AB, Satellite A200-1Ai, Satellite A200-1AS,
Satellite A200-1BW, Satellite A200-1CC, Satellite A200-1CG,
Satellite A200-1DA, Satellite A200-1DN, Satellite A200-1DQ,
Satellite A200-1DR, Satellite A200-1DS, Satellite A200-1DT,
Satellite A200-1E1, Satellite A200-1G6, Satellite A200-1G9,
Satellite A200-1GD, Satellite A200-1GF, Satellite A200-1HU,
Satellite A200-1O5, Satellite A200-1O6, Satellite A200-1O7,
Satellite A200-1QU, Satellite A200-1QZ, Satellite A200-1SC,
Satellite A200-1SV, Satellite A200-1TB, Satellite A200-1TJ,
Satellite A200-1UM, Satellite A200-0ET00X, Satellite A200-0RY013,
Satellite A200-0SX01C, Satellite A200-ST2041, Satellite A200-ST2042,
Satellite A200-ST2043

Toshiba Satellite A205 series
Satellite A205-S4537, Satellite A205-S4557, Satellite A205-S4567,
Satellite A205-S4578, Satellite A205-S4587, Satellite A205-S4597,
Satellite A205-S4607, Satellite A205-S4617, Satellite A205-S4618,
Satellite A205-S4629, Satellite A205-S4638, Satellite A205-S4639,
Satellite A205-S4797, Satellite A205-S4707, Satellite A205-S4777,
Satellite A205-S4787, Satellite A205-S4577, Satellite A205-S5800,
Satellite A205-S5801, Satellite A205-S5803, Satellite A205-S5804,
Satellite A205-S5805, Satellite A205-S5806, Satellite A205-S5809,
Satellite A205-S5810, Satellite A205-S5811, Satellite A205-S5812,
Satellite A205-S5813, Satellite A205-S5814, Satellite A205-S5816,
Satellite A205-S5819, Satellite A205-S5821, Satellite A205-S5823,
Satellite A205-S6808, Satellite A205-S6810, Satellite A205-S6812,
Satellite A205-S7442, Satellite A205-S7443, Satellite A205-S7456,
Satellite A205-S7458, Satellite A205-S7459, Satellite A205-S7464,
Satellite A205-S7466, Satellite A205-S7468

Toshiba Satellite A210 Series
Satellite A210-103, Satellite A210-106, Satellite A210-109,
Satellite A210-10A, Satellite A210-10C, Satellite A210-10L,
Satellite A210-10Y, Satellite A210-111, Satellite A210-117,
Satellite A210-11K, Satellite A210-11P, Satellite A210-128,
Satellite A210-12U, Satellite A210-12Z, Satellite A210-130,
Satellite A210-131, Satellite A210-135, Satellite A210-149,
Satellite A210-14T, Satellite A210-14U, Satellite A210-151,
Satellite A210-15A, Satellite A210-15Y, Satellite A210-16Y,
Satellite A210-172, Satellite A210-173, Satellite A210-17S,
Satellite A210-17R, Satellite A210-17X, Satellite A210-17Z,
Satellite A210-ST1616

Toshiba Satellite A215 Series
Satellite A215-S4737, Satellite A215-S4697, Satellite A215-S4717,
Satellite A215-S4747, Satellite A215-S4757, Satellite A215-S4767,
Satellite A215-S4807, Satellite A215-S4817, Satellite A215-S6804,
Satellite A215-S6814, Satellite A215-S7408, Satellite A215-S7414,
Satellite A215-S7422, Satellite A215-S7427, Satellite A215-S7428,
Satellite A215-S7433, Satellite A215-S7444, Satellite A215-S7447,
Satellite A215-S7472

Toshiba Satellite A300 Series
Satellite A300-10M, Satellite A300-177, Satellite A300-18K,
Satellite A300-19O, Satellite A300-19Q, Satellite A300-19R,
Satellite A300-1BZ, Satellite A300-ST4004

Toshiba Satellite A305 Series
Satellite A305D-S6831, Satellite A305D-S6835, Satellite A305-S6825,
Satellite A305-S6829, Satellite A305-S6833, Satellite A305-S6834,
Satellite A305-S6837, Satellite A305-S6839, Satellite A305-S6841,
Satellite A305-S6843, Satellite A305-S6844, Satellite A305-S6845

Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 Series
Satellite Pro A200-16B, Satellite Pro A200-16N, Satellite Pro A200-16Y,
Satellite Pro A200-18P, Satellite Pro A200-1AQ, Satellite Pro A200-1ER,
Satellite Pro A200-1ET, Satellite Pro A200-1JW, Satellite Pro A200-1K4,
Satellite Pro A200-1KQ, Satellite Pro A200-1KW, Satellite Pro A200-1LZ,
Satellite Pro A200-1MN, Satellite Pro A200-1MT, Satellite Pro A200-1MV,
Satellite Pro A200-1OJ, Satellite Pro A200-1PN, Satellite Pro A200-1PO,
Satellite Pro A200-1PP, Satellite Pro A200-1SW, Satellite Pro A200-EZ2204X,
Satellite Pro A200-EZ2205X, Satellite Pro A200GE-1F9, Satellite Pro A200HD-1U3,
Satellite Pro A200HD-1U4, Satellite Pro A200SE-16Z, Satellite Pro A200SE-1F7,
Satellite Pro A200SE-1H4, Satellite Pro A200SE-1PS, Satellite Pro A200SE-1TC

Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 Series
Satellite Pro A210-16V, Satellite Pro A210-16W, Satellite Pro A210-175,
Satellite Pro A210-176, Satellite Pro A210-EZ2201, Satellite Pro A210-EZ2202X,
Satellite Pro A210-EZ2203X

Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 Series
Satellite Pro A300-193, Satellite Pro A300-192,
Satellite Pro A300-194, Satellite Pro A300-195,
Satellite Pro A300-1C2, Satellite Pro A300D-131,
Satellite Pro A300D-132, Satellite Pro A300D-13S,
Satellite Pro A300D-13E

Toshiba Satellite M200 Series
Satellite M200-ST2001, Satellite M200-ST2002

Toshiba Satellite M205 Series
Satellite M205-S3207, Satellite M205-S3217, Satellite M205-S7452,
Satellite M205-S7453

Toshiba Dynabook Series
Dynabook AX/53C, Dynabook AX/53D, Dynabook AX/54C,
Dynabook AX/54D, Dynabook AX/55C, Dynabook AX/55D,
Dynabook TX/65C, Dynabook TX/65D, Dynabook TX/66C,
Dynabook TX/66D, Dynabook TX/67C, Dynabook TX/67D,
Dynabook TX/68D, Dynabook Satellite T30 160C/5W,
Dynabook Satellite T30 166E/5W

Quality Assurance !
Price Match Guarantee !
30 Days Money back warranty !
All item will arrive you in the 3 to 5 business days with tracking number !
6 Months Free Replacement.

You will receive 1 high quality Rechargeable PA3534U-1BRS PA3534U-1BAS V000090420 Battery. This Rechargeable Battery 100% fits and is properly matching !

  • This high capacity rechargeable battery definitely disposes of more power than the original rechargeable battery included in delivery of the unit. This rechargeable battery can be used instead of the original rechargeable battery without any problems and can be recharged with the available standard power supply. The rechargeable battery is protected and secured against overcharge and short-circuits.
  • Features of PA3534U-1BRS PA3534U-1BAS V000090420 rechargeable battery:

  • safety due to heat and overcharge protection
  • real lithium-ion rechargeable battery, more power than the original rechargeable battery
  • no memory effect recharge your battery whenever you like
  • excellent fitting accuracy, certified quality merchandise, not an original accessory
  • the standard battery charger can still be used

  • Questions? Call Us!
    TEL: (852)81917266
    USA Phone: + 1 (206) 905-9738
    UK Phone: +44 (121)288 2868

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